office 932926 640 300x200 - Is My Home Business Covered?Running a home-based business can be a great way to provide extra income for your family.  Did you know that many large and successful companies started as businesses in homes and garages?

Most home-based businesses do not have the same risks as other businesses, including buildings, employees, production machinery, and a fleet of vehicles.  However, home-based companies do have many risks that need to be considered.

A customer or client entering your home-based business may slip and fall while visiting and sues you.

  • Your employee is injured at your home.
  • A fire destroys your inventory and other business property valued over $2,500.
  • Your business equipment or property is stolen from your vehicle.
  • You damage a third party’s property.
  • The product you are selling causes damage or loss to your customer.
  • You provide the wrong advice, and your client suffers a loss.

What Kind of Insurance Does a Home Based Business Need?

  • General Liability Insurance (including premises liability)
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Professional (E & O) Liability
  • Business Personal Property
  • Business Income
  • Business Auto
  • Commercial Umbrella

Most Homeowner’s insurance policies exclude most home-based business operations. The good news is that a home-based business insurance policy can be very reasonably priced.

Insurance for small businesses provides protection and peace of mind in case of an injury, damage, or lawsuit.  Small business insurance can also protect important assets that you have worked long and hard to acquire, such as your home and family savings, from being included in any litigation damages.