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Competitive Placerville insurance is what everyone wants, but those companies claiming that you can save 20% in a few minutes are probably just selling you 20% less car insurance. Comparing equivalent coverage, you will likely not see any savings. If you look into the claims satisfaction levels for these companies, you may be shocked with what you find.

No two situations are exactly alike, so in order to be protected, coverage needs to vary case by case. We have the markets for homeowners insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, and policies for your RV and ATV, fine arts, or motorcycles. We also offer wedding insurance for your special event. We offer the best coverage, including Allied Insurance, Travelers, Hartford, Grange, CIG, Met Life, and many others.

At Vaught Wright & Bond, our Personal Insurance specialists work with you to tailor an insurance program to protect your family, home, auto, and other valuable possessions at the most reasonable costs our carriers can provide. The department is managed by Candy Johnson and Jenny LaShell.

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The following is a partial listing of our personal insurance products:

  • Homeowners
  • Automobile
  • Watercraft
  • Motorcycle
  • Rental Property
  • Valuable Items
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry
  • Collectors Items
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Flood

Tweeting while driving? The GMAC Insurance Distracted Driving Study shows smart phones are drawing drivers’ attention behind the wheel

An alarmingly high percentage of drivers are still using various features of their smart phones while operating their vehicles, according to the Distracted Driving Study which is part of the 7th Annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test. According to the study, almost two-thirds of drivers say they make phone calls and 8 in 10 drivers admitted to reading and sending text messages while stopped at red lights. Fifty percent of the drivers in the study say they make phone calls while driving in “slow traffic” or “while driving on an open highway.” Fifteen percent of drivers from the study admitted to sending and reading texts while driving. Conversely, 80 percent of drivers who took part in the study say it is never safe to text, email or use their smart phones while driving.

The results revealed people are saying they mostly use their phones for calling and text messaging while driving. But, almost ten percent of drivers admitted to sending and reading emails and using their downloaded applications on their smart phones while operating their vehicles. About three percent of drivers say they use their smart phones to take pictures and some are even updating their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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